The journey to the soul is not an easy one

Every day you look inside yourself, you face who you really are

Every moment you realise your existence and question your purpose

Every time you close your eyes to look within, you see

You try to learn and love what you have seen, you try to learn and change it

It angers you, what you cannot change,

It tires you out, just trying to be with your truth

Constantly trying to be better than your self,

Just to realise that you don’t need to

Your journey to your soul is not an easy one

At every step you find yourself pulling you back to your facade

You start questioning if you really want to travel

Once you have chosen this journey, you can never be free of its burden

You remember something you did a long time ago, or perhaps yesterday,

You shame yourself for it

Constantly fighting yourself, unknowingly judging yourself

Watching yourself like you have been watching others all your life

How do you feel? Do you sometimes wish you weren’t the person you are watching?

Don’t worry, you will be exactly who you are

You will love yourself for every single flaw you have, for every single thing you have done

For every time you judged yourself, you will love yourself

For every time you were unkind to yourself, you will love yourself

For every time you did what you should’nt, YOU WILL LOVE YOURSELF

When your journey will end, you will realise that was just you breaking through your barrier

The Journey to Your Soul was never an easy one,

But it has now begin.

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