A Canadian, Denise, found yoga whilst working in Korea.  Finding herself at the yoga studio almost every day, especially after a stressful day, lead her to enrol and complete a 200hr TTC in India back in 2010.  Her yoga includes drawing from various practices to incorporate them into a rich and satisfying experience.  Her philosophy on yoga is this: find mental strength on the mat in order to still the mind.  Denise’s classes are challenging and uplifting with the goal taking you beyond the physical aspect of yoga and bringing you into your own sacred space.  Aside from yoga, she also enjoys rock climbing and margaritas.

Favorite style(s) to teach: Vinyasa (core), Ashtanga, Yin/Yang
Favorite quote: Om gam ganpataye namah (mantra for Ganesh)
Favorite pose: Trikonasana. While you’re looking up towards the sky you remaining firmly rooted to earth. It also incorporates the power of three, the scared eastern symbol of OM as it is composed of three audible sounds (A – U – M).

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