Ann started her yoga journey in 2001. Beginning with Ashtanga for 3 years, then shifting primarily to Vinyasa yoga for about 12 years, she discovered Buti® Yoga about 2 years ago and her hips haven’t stopped circling since! Buti® is a practice of ultimate release via power vinyasa, tribal dance, and strength + conditioning. You’ll move. You’ll sweat. You’ll probably end up laughing at her sassy personality and want her playlists. No matter what, you’ll guaranteed to liberate some emotions, stuck energy and oxytocin, the ‘bliss’ hormone. You can read more about Buti here.

You can join her on the mat weekly for Buti Yoga, Buti Flow, Buti Sculpt and 2 new classes coming soon: Barre Club and Buti HotCore.

When she’s not on the mat she’s mentoring individuals and groups in Positive Psychology and Energy Work with her company Inspired Grit + running 2 tourism companies here in East Africa.

Favorite style(s) to teach: Buti!
Favorite quote: No mud, no lotus. Be your own guru.
Favorite pose: Goddess of course 🙂 Strength in stance and release + power in vulnerability.

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