What is yoga? Who can practice it?

Yoga is traditionally defined as Union. In a typical yoga class, you will learn to move your body in unison with breath hence creating awareness of your physical and subtle form. Its an ancient Indian practice which has now been adopted and modified by people all over the world as a form of mental, physical and spiritual fitness. If you would like to know more about yoga practices other than asana and breath, feel free to reach out to any teacher and they will willingly have a chat with you about it.

A beautiful quote I once read was “If you can breathe, you can do Yoga”. Everyone can practice yoga.

I am a beginner to yoga, what classes are the best for me?

We offer an array of classes, most of them being suitable for beginners. If this is your first time ever practicing yoga, we would suggest you drop in for a vinyasa or hatha class. You can request the teacher to spend 10 minutes with you before class to go over a few basics. Like most forms of workouts, we suggest you come for at least 3-5 classes to get used to the teacher and the flow.

Is yoga a good workout?

Most forms of yoga offered at the studio are an amazing form of work out as well as work “in”.  Different styles have different levels of physical work out (you can read more about that in class descriptions). At TEC, we believe whatever brings you to the mat, whether you are looking to get physically fit, or to get in touch with your inner self, is appreciated.

Is yoga a religion?

Don’t laugh. We’re asked this way more than you can imagine. So, for the record…

No, yoga is not a religion. This is a common misconception many people hold about yoga. Though yoga stems from ancient Indian and Buddhist culture, it is not religious. Anyone can practice yoga, no matter what religion you follow (or don’t). Some classes do have chanting in them, which again is NOT a religious practice. The teachers will always invite you to join into the chant but you will always be offered the option of silence and just enjoy the vibrations.

Does every class have some meditation and breath work?

Yes, all classes have a few minutes of meditation in form of seated presence and shavasana and breath work throughout the practice. Some classes may have more focus on meditation. Please go through class descriptions to know more.

How much does a class cost?
  • Classes range depending on teacher. We try to keep prices as standardized as possible.
  • All rates are in Ugandan Shilling (UGX) currency. Get the current exchange at xe.com.
  • Rates may also vary by location and class type so the rates below are average estimations. Contact us with any questions.
  • *Private Classes: Please note this is an estimate. Rates depend on number of clients and location. Please contact us with questions.
Prices as of 1.Mar.2017
20k UGX 30k UGX  drop in

Buy 10 at once + Get 1 class free!

75-85k UGX

(see note above)

See description for details
Can I get a discount?

All our classes are reasonably priced and we believe in a fair exchange of energy. If you find the classes expensive, here are a few things you are welcome to try:

  1. Prioritize: Ask yourself what you need more in your routine and cut down on the things that are lower on the priority list.
  2. Make a Yoga Jar: Add small change to a cute jar, over time you will realize how quick it fills up when your intention is clear.
  3. Ask teachers for class passes.
  4. Ask for work exchange.

If you really want to attend classes and in no way can afford to pay the fee, you are welcome to the classes in exchange of whatever you can pay. For record keeping purposes, please make sure you alert the teacher to this before class. Do remember, be mindful and respectful of your teachers and you will benefit in more than one ways.

What do I wear and what do I need to bring?

You can wear regular workout clothes or any loose cotton clothes you are comfortable moving in.
Please carry with you a mat, a bottle of water and a towel. We do have extra mats you can use, but those are not the most hygienic option for long-term usage.

Do I need to pre register? Where do I sign up?

We recommend pre registering for classes so there is space for you. Cancellations are rare but almost always notified well in advance. In case of last minute class cancellations, it is easier to stay informed if you have registered for a class. We do have a bunch of groups on different social media platforms that you can be a part of if you wish to attend classes regularly. This helps us motivate each other and create a community.

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