Vinyasa is defined as “flow”. In a typical Vinyasa class, you will go through a series of continuous poses, like a dance, carefully synchronized with “ujjayi” breathing. Vinyasa is often considered as moving meditation and is the most popular style of yoga practice in the modern day.

A sequence is referred to as “vinyasa” when there is a string of poses that are often practiced together and repeated a few times with breath. For example, flowing through plank-ashtangasana-cobra-down dog is commonly referred to as a “vinyasa flow”.

Suitable for: All levels


A meditative hatha sequence practiced in traditional Sivananda ashrams. It is a philosophically and spiritually deep practice with an element of visualization and fun. It’s the perfect way to end the week.

Suitable for: All levels


These practices involve seated meditation, Yoga Nidra, guided meditation, meditation flow, pranayama (breath work) and Chakra meditations. Restorative yoga is a relaxing mat sequence where you get support from blocks, blankets, straps and pillows.

Suitable for: All levels

Kids Yoga (age 3-11)

Kids yoga classes are basically active story time! Your child moves through poses as they go through the story. It’s very engaging and provides an opportunity for kids to be active and creative, to interact in a positive and supportive group, to learn body awareness and to gain confidence. They also learn skills to relax! Little ones are so active and tend to have such busy schedules with school, clubs, sports, and friends, that they need some time focused on relaxing too.


The most traditional form of yoga with slower movements and longer static holds. Perfect to build strength and get back to basics. Ha (sun) and Tha (moon) is a perfectly all rounded practice bringing in your practice the true essence of traditional yoga practice. All other forms of yoga take birth from Hatha Yoga.

Suitable for: All levels

Buti Sculpt/Flow

Kampala is home to Africa’s ONLY Buti® instructor and she’s here at The Enlightened Cat!

Buti® is a soulful blend of power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, strength and conditioning, and deep abdominal toning. This all-in-one workout tones + sculpts the entire body while facilitating complete inner transformation. It will redefine what you expect from a yoga class.

Buti® Sculpt / Flow is a 1 hour class fusing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) + yoga.

Sculpt is 30 minutes of building long, lean muscle tone while kicking your body into a heightened metabolic state. HIIT workouts help burn maximum body fat due to intervals of MHR (max heart rate). You’ll continue to feel the benefits after class because of EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption), including hormone balancing, cellular repair, and drastically increased metabolism for 36 hours after class.

At the end we Flow it out for 30 minutes. Think a slower, power vinyasa set to beats and, of course, a few Buti bounces!

Is Buti® a big marketing gimmick?
Nope.  Buti® is an Indian Marathi word meaning “a cure that has been hidden or kept secret.” It was originally used in Ayurvedic herbs considered jada buti. And yes, it does help with your booty ???? That written, this is a power yoga practice with release via primal movement.

This practice clears away stuck energy and revitalizes your body and life. It utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique® (SST), a multidimensional approach to core strength. Training with SST brings mind-body awareness to your back and abdomen, thereby building lasting strength and transforming your core.

Buti® is challenging and it will change you – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Be brave with your life. Sweat with Intention.  Buti® Yoga


Ashtanga yoga is a set series of sequences founded and taught by Sri Pattabhi Jois. There are 6 series of sequences taught in accession after the permission of the teacher. In Kampala, we have no dedicated studio that teaches Ashtanga yoga, either led or Mysore style. At TEC, we follow the Series 1 in an informal manner. The series comprises of standing sequences, seated sequence, inversions and closing sequence.

Along with being a physical practice, Ashtanga can be a highly spiritual practice if breath, drishti and bandhas are engaged properly.

Suitable for: All levels.  Be advised that Ashtanga is a physically challenging practice.

Vinyasa: Power

A faster moving vinyasa with few advanced poses. It is a physically challenging and rewarding practice.

Suitable for: Intermediate and advanced level of practitioners. If you have been attended vinyasa regularly, power vinyasa is a perfect way to build your practice.

Yin Yang

A modern concoction of traditional Chinese medicine and yoga.

In a yin class, you will hold grounded poses for several minutes with little or no muscular engagement. You will be supported with props and use the space on the mat and in your mind to work towards your spiritual journey while your asana help your physical body to find energetic balance. Yin is the feminine/water/moon and calming part of the integral nature of everyone and everything.

Yang yoga, often complemented with yin, is a faster, flowing practice. Ideally, all forms of physical asana come under this category, but when combines with Yin, Yang yoga usually stands for a set of energetic physical sequences such as Dragon Warrior and Golden Seed. It’s a beautiful and expressive practice. Yang is the masculine/fire/sun and exciting part of the integral nature of everyone and everything.

Suitable for: All levels

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